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Our help center can instantly give you answer to many frequently asked questions. Design affects human. It changes the view of life and the self-image. According to the opinion specialists, a good design is a space.

What is interior design?

It is an art of enhancing the interior of a space to get a beautiful and aesthetically appealing environment for the people living or working in that respective residential or a commercial space. An interior designer is the one that brainstorms, analyzes, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects.

What is 2D/3D interior design?

It refers to high-quality 2D/3D design services for your interior workspace. Our ideal approach for interior workspace design is fused with the state-of-the-art-3D walkthrough for your office furniture consisting (desk, tables, chairs, storage, cabinet, drawers, etc.) for high visual appeal.

What are the principles of our architect philosophy?

The major principles of our architect philosophy we as follows:
Highly passionate and devoted to our work
We maintain environmental standards for sustainable construction.
We take precautionary and safety measures before initiating a project.

What is the major design consideration to follow?

The major architecture and interior design consideration we follow:

What is included in HSN Interiors Private Limited design packages?

The packages are subject to the requirement of a Client with variety of services available that include planning solutions, technical drawings, 3D visualization, and the selection of materials. We also provide the option of a phone call for starting discussion or consultation.

How much do your designers charge?

Well, we have already described the costs subject to the nature of work and the size of the respective space..

Is hiring interior designers is an expensive process?

Well, the answer is yes, but don’t worry. Collaborating virtually with an interior designer cut down costs to half in some cases. You are free to contact our designers at anytime from anywhere. Our platform removes the necessity of personal face-to-face appointments that can increase your fees. Through our services, you get access to skilled designers at affordable prices.

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The stylish and organized interior represents the way to feel happy and complete. Design and comfort are primarily important for the success of a person’s life.


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