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Break It Up: Inventive Ways to Divide Your Office Space

Given today’s increasing competition, it has become important for entrepreneurs to find out ways and means to improve their employee work productivity. You may have invested the latest machines, gadgets and software technology to boost productivity. But what about your office space design? Does it promote efficiency? Does it meet your growing needs and demands of day-to-day work? Perhaps, the need of the hour is to divide the existing workspace to ensure increased efficiency and productivity.

Open workspace

Maybe it is high time that you consider reconfiguring your existing workspace. Open office workspace does offer lots of benefits. It ranges from optimizing floor space to boosting teamwork to improving collaboration. However, the disadvantage faced is that it also creates lots of distractions. Its productivity and efficiency is also doubted. Why not establish separate zones for desk work, admin space, conference and other work related aspects.

Dividing the workspace

According to the top Interior design company in Gurgaon, dividing up the available workspace can be a wonderful idea to boost work productivity and efficiency. You may plan to divide ample space into dedicated, smaller zones. It can probably assist in offering appropriate foundation to promote better work culture. You may with the professionals and discuss with them what you seek to do with your office space and desire to achieve.

U-Shaped desk

These are popular in office where desk workers require more space. Such desks when installed can offer large work surface, but without occupying lots of space. It is also configurable to suit different types of storage possibilities like shelving, desk drawers, hutches, etc. Thus, your office will appear more functional and well-organised. If there are frequent client meetings and paperwork to be done, then this desk is a natural choice. With sufficient storage space, your office is sure to appear de-cluttered.

Mobile Whiteboard Dividers

These partitions are quite versatile functional and convenient. Casters are fitted to offer greater stability to fix the board in its place. Having casters, the dividers can be moved wherever desired without much effort. It is also designated for soft or hard flooring. They offer valuable collaboration and planning space, a good amount of writing surface thereby encouraging teamwork and productivity. With its installation, open areas can be reduced to much smaller, quieter zones!

Desktop Privacy Panels

The reputed Interior design company in Gurgaon consider these screens to be small, offer privacy, quite effective, practical and also affordable. It suits perfectly open concept workstations, thereby offering co-workers with more privacy. Desktop panels separate the desks, thereby providing employees with valuable privacy and own space. They do make a great choice instead of cubicles. It also helps maintain openness and light. They can be placed on tables and desks and are available in varying materials and colours.

Open Shelving

Shelving offers simple, functional room divider. Many entrepreneurs favour open spaces as it provides more spaciousness and light. But its effective organization is of paramount importance to ensure it is optimized for functionality. The room divider when carefully chosen can organize the workspace without actually creating that cluttered feel. It also complements well modern designs while offering ample storage space. They do make great options to display accessories and objects. Being continuous, they offer greater flexibility.

Glass Partition Walls

Any office space will require natural light to enter in abundance to promote better health and productivity. Glass optimizes natural light while reducing dependency upon artificial lighting options. This, in turn, reduces electric bills, carbon footprint while improving energy efficiency. Sleek decor combined with glass partition walls will promote your business as progressive, cutting-edge and modern. Moreover, gleaming glass in lobbies appear sophisticated and elegant.

Modular office partitions

Such partitions can provide privacy in an otherwise open office concept, break room or waiting area. They are considered as freestanding room dividers used to connect with other room dividers. Thus, they act as a temporary wall, the size of which may depend on your business or privacy needs. They also partition effectively the entire room while creating visual barrier.