Diamond Package

175.00 /sq.ft.

This package is most famous for the interior and architectural services. It’s a compact guide design for a client. Where we offer expert designers at your service to achieve or upgrade your design goals. A vast service derived from aesthetic space designing is fast and goal oriented. This package includes 5 modifications in each of the services listed in this package. The drawing area for this package starts from 20000+ SQFT

Product Price

This Package Includes:-

Technical Drawings

– Interior Layout Plan
– Furniture Layout Plan
– Interior Partitions Layout Drawing
– Plumbing Drawing
– Reflected Ceiling Plan
– False Ceiling Drawing
– Flooring Layout Drawing
– Interior Sections and Elevations
– Fire-Fighting Drawing
– HVAC Drawing
– Interior Doors and Windows Schedule Drawing

Electrical Drawing

– Lighting Looping Drawing
– Lighting Layout Drawing
– Electrical Raceway Layout Drawing
– Electrical Circuit Distribution Drawing
– Switch and Sockets Layout Drawing


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