Interior Partitions Layout Drawing

9.0012.00 /sq.ft.

Partitions are non-load bearing walls that separate spaces in buildings. Partition walls may also be glazed. They may be purpose-designed and constructed or may be modular systems, and can incorporate openings, windows, doors, ducting, pipework, sockets, wiring, skirting, architraves and so on.These drawings are helpul in depicting the location of the partitions walls within the given space.

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HSN Interiors Private Limited is the HSN Group Co. serving large Corporate and Multinational Companies in India since the last 18+ years. HSN Group is a very well recognised and eminent name in Indian Corporate sector with diversified verticals, well established & successful multiple businesses. The objective of HSN Group has always been to serve Corporate clients with a professional approach offering a variety of services under one roof.

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Ruby (500-4999 sqft), Sapphire (5000-9999 sqft), Emerald (10000-19999 sqft), Diamond (20000+ sqft)


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